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Ethical Junction Member 2008



The New Eco Flap Letterplate

The Ecoflap will saves heat energy efficiently and simply by stopping draughts coming through your letter box. The ecoflap letterplate will fit onto the back of your letter box, and is very quick and simple to install, and starts saving you energy straight away.

This is the new, improved version with superior closing mechanism

Ecoflaps replace the brushes, seals and outward opening gravity flaps on the inside of the letter box, traditionally used to help keep draughts out.

Easy to fit
- Take your Ecoflap and locate the “lining up” lip at the back.
- Rest the lip onto and inside the lower edge of the letter box
- Bring the central screw hole in line with your mark. Hold in
position by taping the top edge.
- There are six screw holes . Screw into the door and finish by applying the screw caps or remove tape if you do not wish to screw into the door e.g metal doors etc

Fit an Ecoflap on the inside of your letter box in minutes! -immediately effective

We are taking orders still for brown but they are delayed by up to one week. Place your order and we will despatch asap

Price : £21.99

Available Options:

UK Standard delivery cost is £2.99. For other European countries the shipping price wil be calculated at checkout.

For advice or to call us over the phone call us on +44 (0)1637 854717.


Why won't the letter box inside flap blow open?
The product is finely balanced -the plate is biased so that the opening force is counteracted by a greater closing force. Recent testing proved it won't blow open, and closed AGAINST an equivalent windspeed of 114 mph!(1700 pascals). Also took a good soaking with pressures of water and air at 100 pascals, without leakage.
Why is Ecoflap Draught Proof?
The plate won't rattle, either by wind force or passing traffic rumbling by, thus no cold air will filter in, or no heat will escape. It'll keep you warm if your outside letter flap became faulty, or hypothetically... you didn't have one!
Why is it classed as Eco-friendly?
It will contribute towards saving energy costs. The letter box can be a "silent culprit" for losing heat. It has been quoted that up to 27% heat can be lost. From another point of view, it can be made from recyclable material e.g. wood.
I have a favourite plate on the outside of my letter box. Will it work with this size wise?
Yes it would. The Ecoflap is retro fitting and will accommodate post up to 260mm (10.25") wide and 42mm (approx1.75") high. The Ecoflap will draught proof a hole up to 80mm (over 3.125") high and over 300mm (12") wide.
My outside plate on my letter box is metal. Will it be compatible with a plastic one inside?
It will be good for! A metal plate can contribute to cold air being conducted through to the inside plate and consequently inside your house. If the inside plate is ABS -a high quality thermo plasic (recyclabled) —it will act as a barrier having lower thermal conducting properties.
My doors bang when there is a "through" draught -will it stop this?
It will certainly help the situation. There is no passage of air through the plate, in either direction.
Why is it safer?
There are no springs to bite fingers -or damage mail.
Why is it so simple to use?
It is light weight and conveniently operated with one hand. It adjusts to the size of delivery and there are no components to break. The product is easily fitted having a small lip along the lower edge that rests onto your existing lower ledge of your aperture. This lines up perfectly with the outside plate. There will be aesthetic screw caps, one for each corner. N.B. Screws are not supplied due to varying depths of doors and materials (preference for adhering method). Recommended 3.5mm x 12/15mm countersink

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