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Ethical Junction Member 2008



Aladdin Radiator Valve

A new and innovative device that simply fits to your radiator and continuously automatically bleeds it.

Guaranteed not to leak

Easy to fit and complete with full instructions

- Easy fit: no adjustments necessary and no need to drain the system
- Long, leak-free life
- Replaceable internal cartridge
- Saves energy & reduces fuel bills by keeping radiators air-free and hot to the top!
- Dispenses with the need for radiator bleed keys
- Reduces corrosion and system noise

Price : £9.99

Available Options:

UK Standard delivery cost is £2.99. For other European countries the shipping price wil be calculated at checkout.

For advice or to call us over the phone call us on +44 (0)1637 854717.

How do I find out the size of my radiator tapping?

With a 1/2" BSP thread, the threaded hole in the tapping at the top of the radiator is approximately 20mm diameter you should be able to fit your index finger in the tapping. The plug screwed in to the tapping will either be a chrome hexagonal valve, or a 'plug' with a square cavity in it. Most radiators have this size tapping.

A 5mm radiator tapping is easy to tell as it is much smaller so you can easily tell

Heating Facts

Fresh water entering a heating system contains about 15% air by volume which
is just one cause of air in your radiators.

Heating and hot water accounts for over 80% of the energy consumption in the
average home.


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