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Ethical Junction Member 2008



The Log Maker

The Logmaker quickly and easily turns your household and garden waste into free fuel for your open fire, wood burning stove, chiminea, barbecue or camp fire.

This new version log maker will produce compact newspaper encased logs in minutes and burn them straight away. The paper log will burn for upto 1 hour depending on the contents OR you can soak the waste and make longer lasting denser logs. The logmaker kit now comes with a tray and standoff to help with the drainage from the soaked material.


You simply wrap a sheet of newspaper, tuck the ends into the bottom and stand down on a firm surface.  Take the plunger and push down inside the tube to make the tucked in ends form a seal.  Now remove the plunger and start to fill with your burnable waste items, compressing as you go.  When you reach one of the fill levels, marked on the plunger, eject the newspaper log by holding the newspaper and using the plunger to force it away from the tube.  Now twist the ends together or tuck them in.  Your paper log is ready to burn straight away, no wetting or waiting. 


The New Green Logmaker doesn't just take newspaper.  You can burn a lot of your household and garden waste in the Log maker - in fact around 30% of the average household bin can be recycled as burnable waste, here are some examples of waste that can be burnt effectively using the New Green Logmaker:

The newspaper logmaker recycles; shredded paper, ripped up junk mail, ripped cardboard such as: cereal packets, eggboxes, toilet roll tubes (rip into small pieces first), teabags, nut shells, wood shavings and sawdust, dried leaves and twigs).
So as well as being simple and fun to use, the New Green Paper Log maker also helps you to recycle your waste and produce Free Fuel. 

The log maker makes it easy and fun for every householder to re-use, re-cycle and recover waste. Remember:  Don't bin it, burn it.

Makes a great gift idea. If you're looking for an unusual and ethical gift for the open fire or recycling enthusiast the new Logmaker is the ideal solution.

Price : £22.95
UK Standard delivery cost is £2.99. For other European countries the shipping price wil be calculated at checkout.

For advice or to call us over the phone call us on +44 (0)1637 854717.

Greenstamp Tip!

Add a couple of cinnamon sticks or cloves, Rosemary/Lavender cuttings, or a few drops of your favourite scented oil/remnants of scented candles to your log to produce wonderful burning aroma

"I made my first log with my logmaker not at all convinced that it would work. It did. The outside paper flamed quickly but then the inside continued to hold together for ages. It has been very satisfying making something useful out of what would otherwise have been thrown away. I have since acquired the new, green-coloured log maker and this makes log making even easier. The ridged plastic and curved top make it so much easier to expel the made logs and so production has increased at a pace."
 - A. Tromans, Bristol

If you like this, you may also be interested in the Can Crusher, another handy gadget to make recyling easier. Our Briquette Maker will also product paper logs by using compressed moist newspaper


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