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Ethical Junction Member 2008



Recycled Bottle Glasses

Drink a bottle, make a glass - simple.

The aesthetics of the glass have been enhanced by adding a complimentry black rim and flaring the top so that it can accommodate the neccessary slice of lemon or lime. 
Because the original bottle displays it’s brand with decal, the makers are able to retain this to fully express how ethical and sustainable these glasses are!

Corona - Best selling beer in Mexico & best selling Mexican beer in the world

Grolsh - Stunning green glass to drink from or just display

Desperados - A Chunky set of glasses that are great for any drink




Price : £15.00

Available Options:

UK Standard delivery cost is £2.99. For other European countries the shipping price wil be calculated at checkout.

For advice or to call us over the phone call us on +44 (0)1637 854717.

All Who's Glass products have been reformed from used glass bottles collected from a 10 mile radius of their studio. Local pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafés and camp sites contribute a constant supply of bottles.

Their approach to recycling glass (reforming) is one of the most energy efficient possible. In fact, 90% more efficient than re-melting the raw materials down and working from scratch. Because of thier knowledge, experience and past backgrounds in the glass manufacturing industry they decided to combine and utilise those skills to produce a product or range of products that are not only eco-friendly and ethically considerate but also contemporary and functional with a strong message of locality - ‘Hand crafted in North Devon, England’. Using age-old glass making techniques dating somewhere near 2000BC they are able to manipulate and transform an existing ‘used’ glass container into something new and useable....

Who’s? Glass is made up of three talented glassmakers, comprising of two generations of experience in this genuine family affair. As a group they are individual, talented and outstandingly creative and are committed in their quest to establish Who's? Glass as the UK's leading producer of innovative, hand crafted recycled glassware products.

" The energy saved from recycling one bottle will power: a 100W Light Bulb for almost an hour, or, a computer for 25 minutes, or, a television for 20 minutes or a washing machines for 10 minutes"

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